The disliked pig,and the holy cow,

Shrug their paths,and shake a brow

How does one survive,

The troubled times?

Where bloodied anger rules,

over ethnic wars and tribal fights

Where priests are hiding,

and thieves are abiding

To hatred and weapons,

Of cultural differences.

The snakes that rattle,

enjoy and love the battle

Where fingers raise high,

and elbows in desperation fly

Where one’s Holy book,

seems other’s unholy crook.

Where patience runs dry,

And taps of filth doth fly.

The world has come to a bitter state.

When words strike anger on Twitter slate.

When media juggles to and fro,

Not knowing their loyalties where do go.

Covering sentiments though so personal,

Stories that raise rugged bars of arsenal.

Desperation that increases per breath,

Forcing Living life being like the dead.

At each road stead and each little curve,

Hearts palpitate breaking all nerve.

When the dark clouded appears the sky,

Unfriendly it behaves and acts oh so sly.

The murky waters of families that cry,

losing faith of parenthood to incest and abuse.

And the very sisterhood that’s become a refuse,

when motherhood kills daughters  at birth go dry.

Rejecting people in their rightful land,

separated are clans and families, wife and husband.

Finding solace asking for a land of refuge,

they seek a shelter, merciless is that deluge.

Causing hungers with unwelcome weathers,

Flooding, famines, eruptions, mudslides,

And birds shedding their Phoenix feathers.

They say when the doomsday comes,

Nothing in sight that yey welcomes.

The world will then be born anew,

Akin to seedlings in the pot that grew.

Taking height of growth and nurture

Bringing in some born new culture.

Awaiting days full oh hope and sunshine,

When all religions Unite, none mine and thine.

When Love alone rules the roost,

The crust of humanity gets a boost.

When taps run waters filtered with joy,

And Mother Earth breathes not so coy.

Where plastics don’t suffocate the fish,

And the guns go silent as per our wish.

When each one celebrates being just human,

And cherishes brotherhoods so common.

Caring, sharing, giving and nurturing

Becomes humanities new found religion.

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