Tiny appearance and large magnitude,

Little steps with a immense attitude.

Crawling speed of engaged fortitude,

It’s judgement incomparable in execute.

Wondrous are its many movements,

Some hurtful yet some very joyous events.

To some it along with universe conspires,

Belief says it’s fair and knows no bias.

Some find solace in its healing treats,

Others fret about its so called deceits.

The passage of time in all its stride,

Gives the feel of a roller coaster ride.

It rules  the  roost of  mighty  rulers,

Shaking thrones  and  kingdom pillars.

With goings good, times are good they say,

In circumstances poor, a game of time doth play.

It determines the wheel of thy karmic bonds,

Releasing and gripping by timely absconds.

The passage of time in all innocence,

Worthy or worthless in equal essence.

Marking the chapters of historic tales,

Eventful endings of happy fairy tales.

Births and rebirths, illness and death,

Time comes to all with visible stealth.

The shifts of days and nights it decides,

Months following months by all abides.

A terrorist act, a holy sacral age,

Events  and  eras are its turn of a page.

The passage of time  through ages vast,

Teaching a lesson to present from the past.

The Holy and the Unholy times in its passage,

The Saintly and the unsaintly times in its carriage.

The Hateful and the love filled times in it luggage,

The Divine and the Satanic times in its fuselage.

The passage of time so fresh and so vintage,

Lessons many are learnt under its tutelage.

When valued not by some it is sheer wastage,

It can attack with a mighty vengeance ace.

When valued highly it becomes priceless,

No riches can buy time though it is ageless.

It bridges the gaps of many generations,

Time is crucial in life’s given calculations.

In ignorance it’s thought to be in abundance,

But when it is lost it leaves behind all grievance.

Behaving hand in glove with memories many,

The passage of time is unfetchable by any.

Holding the future in its secret pocket,

It folds the vast past in its rich treasures.

Gripping the present in its strong fist,

Chores unaccounted it has on its list.

Decisions of how long each seed shall need,

To growth and flourish of fullness from a bead.

Decisions of how long each creature lives,

In womb state or as life form that it gives.

The length of the days,nights,weeks and years,

The festive timely cheers followed by prayers.

With passage of time the destiny rules,

Each Christmas, Eid, Diwali on its spools.

The snow comes falling at its instructions,

The dark and the light under its directions.

The passage of time controls the desires,

Of childhood, adulthood and aged empires.

With time the earthy minerals that unite,

And spread the joys of nourishing delight.

With time the universe so wisely conspires,

With time the sunshine shows its powers.

With time the night comes to shut the covers,

With time the moonlight chases the lovers.

With time the clouds burst with rainy respite,

With time the seedlings nurture in daylight.

Time gathers untamed gathers of dismay,

Time heals the wounds of disparity at bay.

Time so short yet so very long to chart,

Unmeasurable its mercies by the cart.

The ages, the eras, the sages, the yards,

All caged under its mercy and wrath guards.

The passage of time at each ones path,

Designs the paths of our loving hearts.

Of times of love and times of regret,

In equal measures we all doth get.

It never allows anyone to forget,

It’s crucial role in our life’s carpet.

With time it many mysteries unfolds,

With time it gives us all thresholds.

The passage of time in bountiful loads,

Decides our lives in the justice courts.

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