Terror Strikes


Terror strikes in Paris  again,

hatred that spreads without a gain.

Too many causing innumerable pain,

emotions through eyes a many they rain.

Gone without a bye the dead and the slain,

would they have felt fear and the pain?

Why do peace efforts go in vain?

Why do terrorists strike again and again?

Oh, My Lord, why are you so quiet?

Where  is your justice? Why has it gone so silent?

They come and bring in the disquiet,

yet you watch them go aggressive and become violent.

Did they commit a crime of having fun,

at the concert being silenced by the gun?

The stadium that is for action and game,

will now be known for unworthy fame.

Dining out to have some delicacies,

became their lives expensive fallacies.

For being gunned down at having a meal,

losing out life in its nourishing zeal.

Shutting the borders, closing the routes,

is terror smiling at its victory in cahoots?

Silence it can’t the loving hearts,

The truth and wisdom shall prevail.

Shedding fear, raise your heads high,

not letting terror run you down and nigh.

Raising voice against insecurity,

by teaching the coming generation,

honesty, solidarity, oneness and integrity.

Reformatting the mind consciousness ,

nurturing love and its abundant uniqueness,

and never overpowered by powerlessness,

let us unite, stand as One in humanity and supremeness.

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