Jars of Pickles!

The ancestors of the kitchen shelf Converted to the new look ! In pleasing colors to woo the chef Pickles of sorts from grandma's book! Taking pride on Indian tables Tangy, sweet, spicy load of flavors! They found place in old time fables Young and old with meals find savors!

Scattered Heritage!

Scattered Heritage  https://anchor.fm/sikiladim/episodes/Scattered-Heritage-e1hato5 https://anchor.fm/sikiladim/episodes/Scattered-Heritage-e1hato5 Scattered and fragmented is the heritage  Of the NRI diasporas around all sects & age They carry a burden of alienated patronage  In a country that’s perhaps not a lineage Their patriotism divided, sometimes confided  Their roots too oft times appear segregated  Their pride along with hatred emerges influenced  When their … Continue reading Scattered Heritage!