A Simple Indian Salad

Simple Indian Salad

This is a very simple yet refreshing salad during the warm season. The proteins and vitamins from the sprouts and beans provide the nutrition value. The onions help with fighting heat strokes and the tomatoes give the cooling effect.

For Indian meals, it is a perfect combination with a Lentil Curry(Daal) and flat breads. For the meat lovers this is the perfect accompaniment to the Chicken tikka or kebabs. For the diet conscious a bowl full of the salad along with a glass of buttermilk is heavenly.

Don’t feel restricted and have it with any meal of your choice or simply as a mid morning snack.


Half a cup Green gram sprouts

Half a cup Blanched Edamame

Half a cup Boiled Dark Chick Peas

One sliced Pink Onion

One sliced tomato

Few Salad greens

One tablespoon Lime Juice

A pinch of Himalayan Salt

A pinch of Black Pepper powder


Mix together the sprouts, beans and chick peas. Season them with salt, pepper and lime juice.

Layer the plate with bits of greens.

Place the combined mixture in the center of the plate.

Arrange the sliced onions in a ring surrounding the bean mixture.

Place the tomatoes on the outer edge of the arrangement.

A closer look

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