The Indian Woman

The common perception of an Indian Woman
The Asian Weekly March 4th – 10th, 2016


Born to bear innumerable burden,
With a face so brightly smile laden,
Complains she not so very often,
The patient and calm Indian Woman.

Losing her maiden charm and identity,
She is not felicitated nor a celebrity.
Adopting her life as a mere charity,
Accepting things with a quiet dignity.

Reading interesting tales of Robin Hood,
Admiring much his vigor and manhood,
Through her docile innocent childhood,
Growing up to her mature womanhood.

Giving birth a pleasure not just for her,
But an obligation to please hubby’s mother.
She enters her life’s new exciting chapter,
Leaving behind her own father and mother.

To be called a damsel so very week,
Who is quiet and timidly outright meek.
The Indian woman who has no beak,
In presence of elders doesn’t speak.

The image is of the generation gone,
The times so rigid have now gone.
She has risen like raging storm,
With a roaring growl she did reform.

Silence is but just her etiquette n dignity,
She marvels in her cultural bright ethnicity,
Yet unfaltering be her rising magnanimity,
In business, science, aviation or generosity.

With a balanced mind like no other,
A perfectionist attitude of no bother,
Tackling chores going across borders,
Being Pilots, Presidents, signing charters.

Successful Indian Woman has emerged,
At par with her man she has surfaced,
She is the Durga and the Laxmi Bai,
The Indira Gandhi and Neerja is she.

At home she is a loving magic heart,
A Mother, a wife, a daughter to the chart.
But when she steps out in the world,
She can be a thunderous wild bird.

Her praiseworthy solemn motherhood,
Works like an elixir to all childhood,
Be it her siblings, kids or her parents,
Or even the children in her neighborhood.

The subjected, subjugated, submissive,
No longer is the Indian Little Miss.
As a daughter she is the parents pride,
Not any more is she considered a plight.

The Indian Woman is now an epitome
Of strong will power and valuable morality
Be proud of her at each step of life
End her not in the feotus,do give her life.

Unhindered by the cruel infanticide,
Like a rock she withstands the tide.
The modern Indian woman not mere a bride ,
She lives with her virtues and loads of pride.


This poem is published in the issue 289 of The Asian Weekly as a Women’s Day Dedication by Sikiladi.

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