Scattered Heritage!

Scattered Heritage

Scattered and fragmented is the heritage 

Of the NRI diasporas around all sects & age

They carry a burden of alienated patronage 

In a country that’s perhaps not a lineage

Their patriotism divided, sometimes confided 

Their roots too oft times appear segregated 

Their pride along with hatred emerges influenced 

When their Nation is mentioned, emotions submerged 

Living in a foreign country, that appears very own 

Perhaps their place of birth or where they have grown 

The seeds of legacy from dual nations are sown

As per their moods, their pride or prejudice is blown 

Trying to sound superior to the folks back home 

Their identity speaks of the adopted country as home

Yet, claiming proud attachments to Mother India

When it’s Independence or the Republic Day of India

Feeling patriotic towards their own or a parental motherland,

When visiting India, a thousand & one reasons for trip to extend

Yet, poking fun of the conditions such as dirt or scarcity

Their confused minds owe allegiance to India’s popularity.

Their Holi, Diwali and Raksha Bandhan add a twist,

Each festival churns to it’s own country’s tryst 

They differ yet they are vital to their own culture 

In far away lands enjoying fruits of Indian agriculture. 

Their Mithais and pickles are their daily norms

The spices and flavors Indian in various forms

The Daal Baati’s, Dosa Idli’s, Pav Bhaji’s and Dum Aloo’s

Blend the desi patriotism through diet reforms

Bound by traditions and the Indian family pride,

In their own resident status & religious abide

They form their own Indian societies & functions 

Hoping the generations shall marry Indian grooms & brides .

The heritage in hearts somewhat scattered,

The diction of mother tongue accent smothered

Taking pride & identity of their country of origin

Yet, feeling every bit a Kenyan, European or American.

Holding on to reigns of several nations traditions,

Addicted to mannerisms & food of varied affiliations

Yet, the belonging to the two countries emerges

The dispersed legacy of two abodes just mingles.

One thought on “Scattered Heritage!

  1. This truth is a battle raging inside many, which keeps them rootless… voicing a need to claim the Motherland, but like the wife of Lot… looking earnestly back at the Otherland… clawing up a mountain made of mental glass… thus sliding with much of their progeny into an abyss of despair…


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