Tree Planting @Farasi Lane School (A healer’s dairy)

We Care For The Earth!

Greening the Earth is the dire need of the day.

Lotus Healing Seva (Kenya) Group’s Cooky Vora takes this business of greening the Earth very seriously. She does this by planting trees at every opportunity she gets. She does this in the surroundings of her house and on her street.

Her latest project was to plant trees in a school up the road from her house. With this in mind, three of us LHSG members, Cooky Vora, Monica Gokaldas and I, Kamal Tolia, met on 2nd May 2019 at the Farasi Lane Primary and Secondary School. We were joined by Monica’s daughter Bhavna Gokaldas. It was our wish to show the children how to plant trees the Reiki way and by chanting the peace mantra Aum Shanti Shanti, Shanti and not to forget to ask forgiveness from mother Earth.

With the kind permission of the Head Master Patrick Ounza, we were allotted the children of Form 1 of the secondary school. After explaining to them the importance of planting trees, we divided them into 3 groups, one each for Cooky and myself and Monica and Bhavna together took the 3rd group. We proceeded to plant the 30 trees that had been bought by Cooky and sponsored by LHSG Members.

The trees were planted in different areas around the school. Each tree was named after a student who promised to look after it and bless it every day.

One more good deed done for our Mother Earth!

This is the eighth place in which LHSG Kenya have planted trees, after thrice in Karura Forest, once in Sigiria Forest, twice in Compassionate Hands Centre in Ruia, and once in the SSDS Temple Grounds. In each case we have had 90 – 96 % success rate, which is much higher the usual 60-65% success rate when trees are not planted the Reiki way and as prescribed in our sacred books, the Vedas.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member

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