Despite all efforts we might slip a little sometimes when seeking the spiritual progress. Living in a world full of vasanas and attractions, of name, fame, success, recognition, misery, sorrow and comparisons the spiritual success often takes a set back but we mustn't be disheartened and must not lose hope. We must again create the desire - the Iccha and again follow it and do it. That's the secret of success not only i spiritual gains but also for any other goals of life. Read on for more into the self upliftment

The Sacred Self!

Namaste! Hari Aum 🙏🏼🙏🏼Sharing this excerpt from the famous author and healer Dr. Wayne Dyer which seems similar to the Vedantic knowledge. The parable is of the fetus state but that’s how we humans also behave as grown ups: A Parable from Your Sacred Self In a mother’s womb were two babies. One asked the … Continue reading The Sacred Self!


Self Effulgence is a quality that is withheld by those who are limitless, boundless and equanimous in their true nature. It shines bright with effulgence trying to bring respite to the dark night Sikiladi It hopes to still stay with effulgence despite the dreary dark clouds Sikiladi The trap widens, darkness dispatches cloudy patches but … Continue reading Divine!

Ho’oponopono seva : a healer’s dairy

Why did he feel good? Simply by asking forgiveness and forgiving and that’s something he hadn’t done in a long time. Over the years of his success from being a nobody, a poor person he had grown to be a person of name, fame, means and abundance and commanded a fair amount of respect in the Kenyan society. Though consciously he hadn’t harmed or hurt those who ever did that to him, their behaviors in his earlier days started disturbing him in his old and lonely day


Reiki : What and Why about it. Interview with Sound Asia Radio Station Kamal Tolia and Monica Gokaldas went on air with Sound Asia and Abhijeet Gupta to talk about Reiki and energy healing, answer questions from listeners calling in and promote the Free Reiki level 1 workshop run by the Lotus Healing Seva Group … Continue reading Reiki