Nature’s Trail

The Emergence Sunrise view in Amsterdam in July 2022 The emergence of the Great Power is announced The rise of the majestic Sun is pronounced The sky is pregnant with hues of brightness It got tagged with streaks of redness Forcing the darkness to he denounced Sikiladi

Jars of Pickles!

The ancestors of the kitchen shelf Converted to the new look ! In pleasing colors to woo the chef Pickles of sorts from grandma's book! Taking pride on Indian tables Tangy, sweet, spicy load of flavors! They found place in old time fables Young and old with meals find savors!

प्रेम से रहो! जीना है जब तक. क्यों न करे मोहब्बत ! रखें भाई चारा, न लें किसी की तोहमत! यादों की छोड़ छाप जहां में, ख़ुशनुमा करें खुद की क़िस्मत! आपसी नाता निभाएं , ईश्वर की मान नेमत! सिकीलधी


Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 609,(May 6th -12th,2022) News direct from the LHSG page may be found on the below mentioned link: The Lotus Healing Seva Group have planted several plants and trees over the years, across the continents and have witnessed a remarkably high percentage of success in seeing those trees grow … Continue reading LHSG’S EARTH-KEEPERS!