Daughters are Blessings: 6

Daughters are Blessings! A daughter of earth and mother of earth! Every daughter shall be a mother some day: but some become mothers early in life to the divine Mother Earth by planting little creations in her womb thus by giving back of its own to itself. A big gratitude for such blessings.

LHSG’S EARTH-KEEPERS! (A healer’s dairy)

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 609,(May 6th -12th,2022) News direct from the LHSG page may be found on the below mentioned link: http://www.kamaltolia.com/?p=4532&fbclid=IwAR38m63pBZbIPx3HeRuhwqgTSgdXW0SySVf8YrnYjoiqEqrq8lBFZ8JOKQY The Lotus Healing Seva Group have planted several plants and trees over the years, across the continents and have witnessed a remarkably high percentage of success in seeing those trees grow … Continue reading LHSG’S EARTH-KEEPERS! (A healer’s dairy)

वृक्षारोपण Vriksharoparn

पढ़ें मंत्र, श्लोक उच्चारण करें धरती मॉं की गोद में वृक्षारोपण करें....... वृक्षो रक्षती रक्षिता: की प्रार्थना करें........

The Divine Representatives

National Tree Planting Day is celebrated in Kenya on 21st April every year. Kenyans being very aware of the environmental situation in the country conduct this calendar day annually to participate in tree planting and related events. Read on for more on the spiritual aspect of planting trees and learn the sacred art of tree planting .......

Ultimate Philanthropists

Marking the National Tree Planting Day in Kenya on 21st April this poem highlights the reasons for planting trees giving them a divine significance. Read on for more......if you love nature.....if you care.......if you wish to leave a better world for generations to come.........