Lentil it!

Lentil & Veggie Salad

Lentil and Boiled Vegetables Salad

Often going to work one needs nutritional meal packs to carry along. Here’s a very satiating salad that makes a meal in itself. This salad is delicious eaten either cold or warm both ways.

Things you will need:

Half cup Kidney beans or red beans

Half cup Boiled white chick peas

Half cup. Boiled dark chick peas

2 small Boiled and cubed potatoes

2 small Boiled and cubed carrots

1 cup chopped and Boiled French beans

Half cup Blanched Edamame

Half cup Blanched green gram sprouts

2-3 pcs Chopped Spring Onions

The stages of preparation

Arrange layers of each ingredient in the salad bowl or a platter as per preference.

Sprinkle a seasoning of salt, pepper, cumin powder.

The Green Dressing

For the dressing:

Grind together the following ingredients using water as per preferred consistency.

A handful of Cilantro

Few leaves fresh basil

Few leaves fresh parsley

2-3 pcs dates chopped

2 cloves garlic

2 green chillies

Juice of half a lime

A tbsp olive oil

Salt to taste

A tiny bit Tamarind

Half tsp cumin seeds

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