The Rakhee Thread

Sibling bond

Threads of love, threads of care

Let no brother’s wrist be bare

A festival of sibling bond clear

Raksha Bandhan comes each year

Festivities begin in the household

Sisters treat brothers like precious Gold

Treating them to delicacies a plenty

Honoring their brothers mighty and bold

She wishes the very best for him

She brings the prettiest thread for him

For He is the best brother in the whole world

For well-being and happiness she prays for him

He promises protection immense for her

He bestows the fatherly love for her

For she is the Mother hidden in her form

He vows to take care of security for her

She loves the hidden affection he gives

She cherishes the gifts of love he gives

Her childhood was complete because of him

She blesses him till the day she lives

He touches her feet to bow in respect

He is fond of her caring and loving aspect

A sister is a maternal blessing in disguise

Her prayers bring to him better prospect

She adorns his forehead with tikka and rice

She performs his Aarti fire offerings thrice

He is worshipped to be Godlike on the day

His childhood pranks added to life some spice

Raksha Bandhan in childhood is some fun

Grown-ups celebrate it with a sober hum

An occasion to meet one’s siblings comes

The threads of bonding woven with love spun

One cherishes the brothers and sisters

For they are your kid hood crime partners

Shared many memories of growing up

The Rakhee threads act as love flowers

Published in The Asian Weekly,Edition 517,(Jul 31-Aug 06, 2020)

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