Nature’s Trail (30) Damaged Soul

Withered and weathered..... It appears rustic. Having lost the days it sheltered..... passing by beings..... along with their burden things. It was in glory when it protected..... creatures teeny weenie. Provided abode to those who habitated..... winged ones'.... and slithery ones'. Now it stands broken and bruised...... Nursing it's own damaged soul. Sikiladi

A New Leaf

We need composure, stability and balance to lead our life peacefully. This poem is a narrative of a young man who learns composure and finds freedom from restlessness...... What had I done to my life?  Where did I lose my direction?  Waking up in the post sunrise hours I had lethargy written all over me ....... Read on the site for more....

ULVEENA :A farewell

In a love filled cocoon.
The family that’s a boon.
All besides her time and again.
Ulveena smiles looking at them.
She watched over them always.
She’ll watch over them always.
Life is but a breathing space.
Today’s being leaves no trace.
The liberty that she seeks alone.
How we wish she has a clone.
I hug you from a distance of miles.
Dear Ulveena you gave us smiles .
Wishing you a smooth move.
The heart shall cry till we meet.