A New Leaf

We need composure, stability and balance to lead our life peacefully. This poem is a narrative of a young man who learns composure and finds freedom from restlessness...... What had I done to my life?  Where did I lose my direction?  Waking up in the post sunrise hours I had lethargy written all over me ....... Read on the site for more....

ULVEENA :A farewell

In a love filled cocoon.
The family that’s a boon.
All besides her time and again.
Ulveena smiles looking at them.
She watched over them always.
She’ll watch over them always.
Life is but a breathing space.
Today’s being leaves no trace.
The liberty that she seeks alone.
How we wish she has a clone.
I hug you from a distance of miles.
Dear Ulveena you gave us smiles .
Wishing you a smooth move.
The heart shall cry till we meet.