Caged in our very own world

We humans trade sulk and saunter

Having lost our freedom to fearfulness

We are Colonized by the corona virus

Home bound like never before

we venture not vagabond vibes

Schools have suddenly gone silent

Governments try the best to be prudent

Panic purchases of items plentiful

See aisles with loaded trolleys so full

Oils, butters, flours and grains stocked up

Tissues, eggs, canned foods all piled up

A strange trait emerges forced by fear

Sanitizing needs enforce protective gear

Soaps and masks see enhanced sales

Stock markets bent to lowering scales

Netflix, Showmax needed to pass the time

Playstation, Nintendo become sport sublime

Cricket, Football, Tennis all brought to halt

Oh! how this acts on injury like a salt

Cinema Halls now  make haunted sounds

Playgrounds and Parks are inviting hounds

Major cities on the Globe turned ghost towns

Businesses go drowsy in their night gowns

Forced vacations given to employees around

Many forced to work from home ground

A stand-stillness weighs heavy on moods


As Churches, Mosques, Temples see glooms

A tiny little Virus brought such cold shivers

The progressive world got high level jitters

The coughs and flus no more to be ignored

Vigilance of temperature must be secured

Isloations and quarantine become the norms

Airports and flights are blessed with new forms

Travel has now become a word so strange

Visas and flight cancellations spell outrage

Ensuring the safety protocols for Lockdowns

Humans are caged bearing biggest frowns

Paying a heavy price for their extravagance

Having lost all culture and love fragrance

We kill creatures for our luxury and meals

We kill the atmosphere with our selfish zeals

The time has ripened to balance the burdens

Covid 19 came to curb our hastened actions

Bringing our mighty attitudes to the grind

Clamping us down in restrictions of caged kind

Taking us back to the once upon times

Teaching us lessons of the etiquette lines

Cough or sneeze if you must, with good manners

covering your mouth/ nose with handkerchief

Shun that bus ride or traffic jams in closed cars

Walking the miles in the sun to fill up immune jars

Eating healthy diet and breathing exercises

Boosting stronger respiration, doing away vices

Being caged must be a lesson in disguise

Accept it, give gratitude and do not despise








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