The Cowardly Blow!

The criminals walk around so bold
The terrorists create terror each fold

She shivers to move
She shudders to walk

In her own land she feels unsafe
Her childhood is covered with a veil

The veil that brought silence
The veil that brought slavery

So unjust is the society
It’s a pity! It’s a pity!

Being a Hindu in the Muslim land
Being in her ancestral Motherland

Her childhood became a misery
Her crime is her puberty glands

Barely did she walk to school and back
She got noticed by the clergy attack

She had no right to be educated
For her fate was to be subjugated

Their vicious minds had manipulated
The easy target must be soon abducted

Was she forced? Was she coaxed?
Was she raped? Was she insane?

She longed to be with her Maa, Baba
She wanted her dolls and cuddly toys

Her screams fell all on deaf ears
She had lost all her teddy bears

Faced now with the cruel monster
Married off to a man like a gangster

She knew not what her religion meant
Yet forced to practice a new advent

God only knows what this conversion meant
For no faith could permit such insane act

An illegal Hindu or a legal Muslim she became
Wonder how many husbands had her tame
The torture wasn’t just enough yet
She found out what info they get

She had to protect her kith and kin
Her younger siblings had to be hidden in bin

How could she warn her family men
How she wished she alerted her clan

She spoke one day to the cameras that shone
She was no victim, or so she said

She eloped with an elder fatherly man
was her story narrated to her entire clan

Did she do this out of choice?
Did she do this at a price?

No one shall ever come to know
The truth behind the cowardly blow.


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