Phoolan Rani’s Plight

Phoolan was targeted for being a Hindu minority and set on fire on 13/6/19 in Bangladesh. Will you keep quiet or will you be her voice for justice?


The Cowardly Blow!

The ongoing abductions and killing of minorities in the name of religion are a slap on the face of humanity. This poem takes us through the journey of many young victims.


Hindu Almanac is widely based on the Lunar cycle but varies somewhat at the regional level. However various phases of the moon bring in different depictions of spiritual practices following a astrological charts. This poem is a small effort at showing how much the Hindu religion rely's on the Lunar pattern.


The Stone Age man survived on hunting for hunger. Did He earn the wrath by killing? All those beautiful flowers which we not only place as offerings during prayers, but also use them very talentedly at various arrangements in churches, temples, offices, homes, events as well as times of death are they lifeless? Why then we are supposedly allowed to end life of some beings guilt free yet we are condemned for the others?