Brahma Kamal


The pregnant plant got heavy

burdened by the heavy bud

Hanging down from the blade

the pinkish threads so charming


as a shield they stood a guard

protecting the white within so pure

Each blade appears to be pregnant

upholding new life emerging outIMG_6503

The pinks begin to give way to white

an explosion occurs of bright white

Fragile yet sturdy strong it hangs

oozing divinity from folded pangs


The fragrant blessings of Brahma Kamal

give that pleasure  for the moonlit night

satiate the soul giving goosebumps

enchant the heart with blessed delightIMG_6488 (1)

The morning brings an end to it’s day

as the bloom doth frays away in a sway

In acceptance of the Divine Will it shuts

gradually, silently with no outbursts


5 thoughts on “Brahma Kamal

  1. Monica your words broke a stream I’d words so I share:-

    Brahma beckons out to life
    Life stirs in the cactus dry
    Stiring up a promise,a bud
    Of pure potential unfolds

    Bud basking bursting neigh
    Sun baked now fully prepared
    The kamal awaits the gentle
    Light of the moon at night

    Then magically mystically
    Bursting open petal a time
    It unfurls in whorls sublime
    The full bloom spellbound

    The Brahm prakash reveals
    The essence of our very soul
    Limited once in time now
    Set free unbounded for ever

    We are the Brahma and all
    We are all connected forever
    The Brahm Kamal promises
    The very essence of divinity

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    1. I don’t know how long it takes usually but mine is in a pot and that takes from roughly from 3 weeks to 4 or 5 weeks sometimes. the initial bud is just the size of a dot.


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