The Little Earth Keepers


The day as special as could be

Halloween brought tricks and treats

Adults and kids dressed to Kill

Oh! No, no not with the weapons …

but with their scary made up looks!

And then there were those who knew this not

For life was simply a challenge of a sort

They awaited the day that would be fun

31st October had finally brought a bright Sun

The rainy gloom had excused out itself

They boarded the buses in excitement

And took a journey of some miles

Their destination : SSDS* Grounds

in the vicinity of this Hindu Temple

they alighted from the buses helped by us

Some strong and able and some weak and feeble

Gulping down a banana while in the queue

they proceeded to have a day of fun

The bouncing castle was inviting them

to forget the world, and come to jump

Some excited kids never knew it could be fun

till they experienced this elation new-come

The Batman was the Hero they seeked

He made games entertaining and made them run

The disabled too could have a field day

As they tagged ribboned tails behind each other

Some could speak not,yet, their eyes spoke

the delight of being out in a place so safe

Some on wheelchairs not left behind

thrilled themselves by watching the show

the puppeteer came to entertain the kids

With characters all coming out of his hand

they cheered and clapped and laughed out loud

Having witnessed life differently at least for once

They planted trees and plants with reiki love

chanting the peace mantra, asking forgiveness

They learnt that they could impart blessings

With kind words and affirmations spoken out aloud

wishing their plants to grow well and tall and surround

Thanking them with gratitude in their hearts

Environmental knowledge had been shared


They hugged the trees that stood in abundance

at SSDS grounds providing shelter and shade

Some running around with a sense of freedom

while some watching others being happy

and escaping the sun sitting under the shade

The wheelchair bound not left behind…

played snakes and ladders and made bracelets

The joyous faces that spoke volumes of love

that they had received next to none

Their elated spirits were countless

As LHSG made them feel boundless

This new experience came forth as loads of fun

Life had been witnessed with a new angle

Memories had been created to be cherished

For a day at least all worries had perished

The little ones and the not so little children,

The pretty damsels in shyness shells

had partly turned to be Earth Keepers

They had played a major role in the conservation

Unbeknownst  joined the green belt movement

All this much and much much more….

All in a day that had tasks and learning with fun

The 13th Anniversary celebration of LHSG

had brought out a lot of things under the sun



SSDS* : Shree Sanatam Dharam Sabha (a Hindu Temple in Nairobi)

The Lotus Healing Seva Group (LHSG) as part of their annual anniversary celebration treated some children from the Mukuru and Ruai slums and young ladies from Talia Agler Girls Shelter (TAGS) as well as Hawkers Market Girls Centre (HMGC) to a fun and activity day. For most of them this was their first opportunity to be out in the open grounds as spacious as the SSDS as well as a first time to go up on a bouncing castle, Merry go Round, watch a Puppet Show, to plant trees, to appreciate and express gratitude to Mother Earth and interact with people outside their limited dwellings.

4 thoughts on “The Little Earth Keepers

  1. Thank u Monica for this beautiful account of the special day. You have captured the essence of all the seva done on that day. And yes it was truly joyous for these Little Earth Keepers!

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