The Wedding!

the wedding decor

The guests arrived at the airport

The pick up car was missing

They called their hosts, their friends

The traffic was bad they were told

The driver and car were on the way

They were exhausted, they were thirsty

The International Arrivals was a nightmare

The facilities were next to none

The toilets pathetic ….

the latch broken, paper roll missing

The water marks unkempt all over

the wash basin with a big crack…

hand dryer in place but powerless

They were not surprised at all

This was the African Land

The Taali

They had entered the third world

The hosts led them to their resting place

The promised Hotel was far fetched

Instead an Inn became their home

for the three and a half days of their stay.

They would have cribbed and felt bad

But they knew better than that

They were picked up not ever in time

and landed late for functions some

And the rest of it was a grumpy affair

as they mingled with the families and friends

All new to to them besides the bride

who was in her own sweet little cocoon

getting prepared, throwing a fuss and making noise

She wanted things all done her way

But the parents and the groom decided a sway

plans were altered in nick of time

and poor guests felt lost out at times

They danced, made merry, cheered up themselves

They had to have fun in some way

for they had traveled all the way

from lands far away, to give her away

to her groom whom she had enchanted.


The Ceremonies and rituals a common practice

At an Indian wedding In African land

Where once upon a time the boy and girl had met

The pomp and splendour – an unmatched affair

The bride’s father welcomed the guests with a flair

Her grandpa occupied the grand cane chair

As they poured in to the reception Hallway

at the newest hotel in the town square

Her mother comparable to the bride herself

In finesse and dignity she too dressed up

It was a moment to cherish by one and all

despite shortcomings the wedding was a success

Their dreamy eyed daughter was now a missus

Of the young lad who was now love smitten.







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