Ho’oponopono Workshop

FORGIVENESS : The Healing Art

They came braving the cold weather

On the Thursday Morning at Faraja

Cancer victims by suffering or serving

The friends at Faraja came to learn

The beautiful art of forgiveness

Yes, It is an Art indeed for the soul

freedom from toxic thoughts was the goal

The session was smooth as they grasped

How much forgiveness is needed by all

Asking to be forgiven for thy mistake

of having wronged someone in some way

by thought or deed or just by speech

It can be done this tough proceed

Forgiving someone that one finds difficult

Is no mean chore but need be done

Ho’oponopono is the right technique

To practice forgiveness and LET GO!

For the past must be cleared at the word Go

the toxin release from emotions flow

the hate, the vengeance, the regret you shed

Move on in life was the lesson taught

They practiced, they witnessed their sentiments

As release came for some in tears form

They shed the unwanted negative thoughts

And looked forward to freedom charts

I Am Sorry was the magic Mantra of the day

I Love you became the miracle spray

Happy faces gleamed post the practice

Having taken the bitter pill of Forgiveness

They began a journey to healing well



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ho'oponopono TAW

Published in The Asian Weekly ; Edition 409 ; Jun 22 – 28, 2018



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