It’s over!

It’s over, yes, it’s finally over

The month of May and Mother’s Day

They celebrated, they gifted…

They bought flowers….

and even feasted to mark the day

Mother was happy , or so they thought…

For they had expressed their love to her

But within her mind thoughts were caught

Should she be happy and content?

She smiled and had a lunch prepared by them

Though she wanted a much needed break

It wasn’t about food, It wasn’t about gifts….

It was all about the time that they spent…

Or, rather the time they didn’t spend…

With her, focussing on her needs

or simply being with her

They obligated by giving that one meal treat

And, she pondered…

If that was a payment for all the meals

that she had prepared for them all her life

No, definitely not….

This was their gesture of love


she wasn’t satisfied at that.

She wanted them to understand her feelings

She needed some acknowledgement of her presence

She needed an identity….

She wanted a life that could be called life

She tried thinking of the time they last sat to chat with her

It was days? weeks?months?

Did they go out for a movie together?

Indeed, the Mother’s Day was a reminder

of her existence and it’s over, yes, it’s over..

but she was there in their lives….

the rest of the 364 days as well.

She wanted to tell them once again..

that more than that meal ….

She needed her DVD player to be connected,

She wanted to remind them yet again…

about her printer that needed fixing.

They had forgotten the promises they made

to teach her the things she wanted to learn..

in these days of digital technology.

She craved to play cards with someone

yet she had made no friends for that..

she hadn’t joined any club ……

as she gave her kids preference and time

But,  now as they were all grown…

They forgot all her sacrifices and took pride

In giving her a portion of their day …

On the so called Mother’s Day.

And it’s over, it’s already over..

The day went past and left her untouched…

by their knowledge of her loneliness

which the knitting needles and embroidery cloth

couldn’t fulfill.




2 thoughts on “It’s over!

  1. Ah to hear the voice of loneliness
    Where solitude is so welcome
    But loneliness?
    Simply heart breaking!

    Special Days
    Very thought provoking. Are we becoming a nation of DAYS.
    Mother’s Day, Fathers Day, Environment day?
    The rest of the 375 days we forget it all?
    In our mothers and fathers are there lonely moments we do not listen to? Do we give that helping hand for a loose plug and an app they cannot understand?
    Thank you for the reminder and awareness,Monica.
    It made me appreciate the attention that I do get, that as yet I am so self sufficient and able to ask.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank You Shariffa Ji for your precious comment. You are not only self sufficient, you are ensuring self sufficiency of many others variously. The fact is, there are many others who crave for that attention and are not educated enough on the usage of current day digital gadgets and apps. They do need guidance.


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