4 thoughts on “Kenyan Asian Woman

  1. Thank you Monica, high lighting the great women of Kenya. Within every being is the Devine feminine and divine masculine
    It is not about fighting. It is about accepting with Patience.
    Patience is a gift from God. In this moment.
    We are here today because all of us have in one way or another made this country pluralistic.
    It is about choice, passion,commitment.
    So on Womens day, and every day, let us join our hands together. All in one accord, with hearts both strong and true , let us pull together to build a better Kenya and a better world for our children. Jai ho

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    1. Thanks dear Shariffa ji for your lovely supportive comment on the topic. Very true, not by fighting but by acceptance and ones own creativity and ambition today’s women are making a difference.


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