Woman O! Woman

Woman O! Woman
By Sikiladi


Woman O! Woman
Your unique ways of being!
Appearing timid and at times week
Yet uplifting those that are week.

Woman O! Woman
Your pleasing ways of being!
Dressing up or not grooming
Thy charm is in your face smiling.

Woman O! Woman
Your talented ways of being!
All your greying and grieving hidden
You rise above all common emotion.

Woman O! Woman
Your strong ways of being!
Picking up threads of life insecure
Emerging firm in trying times obscure.

Woman O! Woman
Your motherly ways of being!
Intuitive, caring and tending even in dislike
Parenting thy parents and children alike.

Woman O! Woman
Your charming ways of being!
Charismatic regale in your simplicity
Innocent beauty appearing through educability.

Woman O! Woman
Your just ways of being!
Rejecting injustice to seek the right
Standing up for those that are in plight.

Woman O! Woman
Your fascinating ways of being!
From story telling and toddling
To creating great men of being.

Woman O! Woman
Your holistic ways of being!
Prayerful, insightful and ritualistic
Yogic energy connections so pragmatic.

Woman O! Woman
Your outstanding ways of being!
Entrepreneurship accompanied by mothering
Reaching scales of perfection by tethering.

Woman O! Woman
Your outsmart ways of being!
Reaching the skies fighting all fears
Piloting, weight lifting and sports gears.



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