Uttarayan’s holiness is here again

In the year’s very first month

Sesame seeds gain prominence

And jaggery grows to full strength


Sweet flattened roundels of the seeds

That appears like glossy white beads

Shared by all as sweet holy servings

Jaggery accompanying the tastings


Dedications made to the Lord Surya

By taking dips and bathing in the Ganga

Makar Sankranti festival of the North

Becomes Pongal festival in South India


Rice being cooked on slow heat

Sweetened and seasoned upbeat

Raisins and coconut with butter clarified

Happiness of folks intensified


Kites occupying space in the sky

Colors so bright that birds go shy

Competing colleagues in the flying trait

Beholding glass coated threads for strengths


Soaring their kites of sizes and shapes

Jovial feasts and exchange of sugarcanes

India runs the festive demarcations

Spreading a warmth of sun salutations


With Magh Bihu in Assam a celebration

The Bengali Poush Sankranti jubilation

Tai Pongal of Kerala a lively felicitation

Coinciding harvest and spiritual unification


Coming along with the Lohri festival

Bonfires here and encircling there

With fires lit up amongst kith and kin

Taking break from the day’s hard din


Song and dance and the warming of hands

Fire symbolic of transformation and regeneration

Brings camaraderie and bonhomie sentiment

Veneration of Agni by offering peanuts n popcorn


And the sweetness of gajjak and the revri

The Rays of light an omen of Gold fortune

Legends of Dulla Bhatti in many a song

Clans clap together with the Dhol sound



In The Media:

Published as a Special Poem in The Asian Weekly






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