Almighty’s Pocket


Emerging from the socket

Of Almighty’s huge pocket

Comes a year so spotless

So fresh in all its newness


May each passing moment

Emerging from Almighty’s pocket

Be unpolluted in thought and deed

For each living creed that shall breed


May each passing hour

Of this year that we savor

Witness a globe of love surround

May we be able to hear the silent sound


May blessed be each day

Together let’s all pray

With compassion and jubilation

All timely tasks be undertaken


May each passing day

Of this freshly docked New Year

Be spent in progress and growth

Glorifying mercies and boons henceforth


May each passing night

Of this freshly unwrapped Year

Be spared of hatred and enmity

And blessed with gratitude and spirituality


May Each week be pleasant

For the king and the peasant

With humility, care and acceptance

Life become thy sacred sustenance


May each passing week unfold

A trait more positive than before

With hands that help to raise

Uplifting the load of life in praise


May each passing month

Of this welcome New Year

Blend companions in mutual flow

Forgiving and forgetting all past row


May this year that just emerged

Be glorious for our civilization

With reforms within our mind frames

With humanity playing no dirty games


May this New Year that emerged

From Almighty’s huge pocket

Unfold bundles of health and happiness

Discarding impolite inhumanness


Poem of the Month: January 2018, Published in The Asian Weekly : Edition 385, Jan 05 – 11th,  2018

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