Soaring The Skies

Pongal, Sankranti & Uttarayana


In gratitude for agricultural abundance

Comes this festive Tamilian observance

Gift giving, feasting and home visiting

A rice and milk dish with Jaggery sweetening

The four day festival of Gregorian calendar

Comes the Harvest significance of Thai Pongal

Kite flying, bon fires and Surya Puja in the river

The arts and dance and feasting social fervor

Gathering of crowds at Yamuna and Ganga sangam

For the sacred prayer and a dip at Prayag confluence

Kumbh Mela forming integral part of pilgrimage

During Makar Sankranti Hindu festival to this age

Recurring each year in mid January is its occurrence

In the Maagh Hindu month of spiritual observance

Washing off past sins, gaining merit and absolvence

Bathing in holy waters to ritualism predominance

Dips in sacred rivers Krishna, Godavari and Cauvery

Thanking the Sun God for successes and prosperity

Commencement of the auspicious six month ascension

Comes Uttarayana the period of holy benediction

Sticky sesame sweets with ghee and gur sweetness

Symbolizing unity, peace and joyfulness of togetherness

The sky is brightened with a vibrant air and a zesty flair

Kites of shapes, colors and sizes fly high without a care

Contests amazing form events in appreciative cheer

Young and old all dressed up in festive gear.


—————————————————————————————————————————————–IN THE MEDIA:

Published in “Diwali and Beyond” by The Asian weekly 2017




















One thought on “Soaring The Skies

  1. Rituals are very special
    They bring the elements
    To our attention.

    Rivers come together
    Spread over the earth
    Harvest abounds
    Nature reminds us

    Live in rhythm with me
    Therein lies our balance
    Yet we forget

    So rituals and festivals
    Remind us Again and again
    Thank you Monica

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