Earth Day 2023!(A healer’s dairy)

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 660 ( 28th April – 4th May 2023)

Earth Day marked by Lotus Healing Seva Group

By Sikiladi

The Lotus Healing Seva Group marked the Earth Day in its own unique method globally.

Members of LHSG all around the world pledged various earth-related activities as being healers for a whole week or longer and did their healing activities towards waters of the world, the environment, birds, animals, sea creatures, nature, cleanliness drives, tree plantings  and much more.

The group members from Kenya virtually met with members from Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, U.A.E., Tanzania, India, and U.S.A. to name some regions and held a collective session of group healing towards Mother Earth and several causes related with Earth Matters.

Remarkable efforts were made by young LHSG enthusiasts from Mukuru Outreach Academy, Nairobi and from the Adarsh Nagar Pakistani Hindu Refugee Camp in Delhi, India. Mukuru children along with their Deputy Head teacher Mr. Vincent Muema and Head Teacher Mr. Enoch Nyananga did extensive collective reiki healing towards Mother Earth .The Refugee children planted 55 trees donated by LHSG members worldwide with Hindu mantras and reiki energies. Besides that they had a cleanliness drive at and around the Camp that is home to them under the guidance and supervision from Mr. Hari Om Sahoo and Mr. Vikram Thakur Lalwani who are both LHSG members as well. Besides that they also did collective reiki healing for the Earth just as their counterparts in Mukuru and elsewhere.

Kenya group member Bhavna Baga being an artist prepared a special artwork to be used by group members while doing reiki for Mother Earth and the same was extended as copies to institutions where they had conducted the seva as being members of Lotus Healing Seva Group. Shariffa Keshavjee shared her sentiments through her poem about Mother Earth as part of Earth Day celebration.

Check out the below mentioned links for more about the Earth Day Seva activities by the group.

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