Giving back to Mother Earth (A Healer’s dairy)

Planting of trees using Reiki and Hindu Mantras by the Pakistani Hindu Refugee Children in Delhi in January 2023

Sixty Trees were planted at the Adarsh Nagar Refugee Camp, Delhi in January 2023 by the Pakistani Hindu refugee children as a celebration of a sixtieth birthday. The idea was to give back to Mother Earth a tree for each year lived on this precious planet. There was no party done for people. The party was done for nature and thus these little ones learnt to plant trees as per the method suggested by the person celebrating the milestone birthday.

The children were very excited and took pride in planting the trees and each tree was given the name of the child who planted and pledged to take up responsibility of the tree till it gained the required height, growth and strength. They have thus been watering their ‘own’ trees since and giving them reiki energy and positive affirmations.

Noteworthy are the efforts put in place by the Refugee Camp’s in charge person Mr. Hari Om Sahoo who scrutinized each plant before purchasing from a nursery and supervised the transporting of the same. Having done this, he even identified the spots where the holes had to be dug for the trees along with Mr. Vikram Thakur, the in house resident teacher. Vikram very kindly taught the children the right method of planting and ensures till date that the trees are being looked after well enough.

Here I would also like to mention the efforts of the Lotus Healing Seva Group and Kamal Tolia who has trained these children to Reiki along with her team members on various occasions.

The trees have been doing pretty well and the success rate so far has been incredible.

An update on the health of the trees planted in January as pictured on 4th April 2023.

The progress in three months

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    1. Thank you for the like and comment. Yes, the trees do look healthy and the birthday person virtually travelled to the nursery herself to select the healthy plants for planting when the caretaker Hari Om Sahoo went to purchase the same on her behalf. A big credit goes out to Hari Om Sahoo for his meticulous selection.

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