The Old Age

Sitting in the lawn with unappreciative surround Of the various shades of green that bound around Reflecting their vacant thoughts of God knows what within the mind frame. Their pain, their agony of sullen loneliness In this ripe age of less mobility and solitude.

The Tragedy Queen – A Tribute

Fragments that scattered, disturbed in imagination are none other than pieces of my broken heart. एक अरसा हुआ नींद को आए हुए बेरहम इस पलक को झपकाए हुए सन्नाटों से घायल हुई लम्बी सी रातें और ख़यालों में तुमसे करना दो बातें There was a time once, when, they would weep and bleed blood red … Continue reading The Tragedy Queen – A Tribute