Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!

By Sikiladi

Love is in the air

Sweetness climb’s its own sugary stair

Chocolates , carvings and cakes purchased

Packaged sweetness being exchanged

Love is in the air

Teddy bears spell a love affair

Young and old cuddle without a care

Guys and gals have fun and let down hair

Love is in the air

Streets and Malls spread a red flair

Balloons and cushions all heart shaped

Given and received ribboned and taped

Love is in the air

Roses and bouquets handled with care

Beloveds are pleased and pockets squeezed

Feminine figures in finery dressed to please

Love is in the air

Parties and Dinners planned everywhere

Dancing and glancing with elegant charm

Arms around each other as friendships form

Love is in the air

Promises and proposals take a high chair

Hugs and kisses share the fondness game

On Valentine’s Day Love makes a reclaim

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 649 (February 10th – 14th, 2023) as Special Feature on Valentine’s Day.

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