Mama Santa Claus

Mama Santa Claus’ of Kenya

By Sikiladi

The season of musical Jingle bells is here

The excitement  of Christmas cheer is here

Santa Claus dummies seen in full gear

At the malls, at the parties & everywhere

Yet there are those who act like Santa

Not in December, but throughout the year

Aruna Varsani handing out re-usable sanitary pads to the girls in remote parts of Kenya

The human form of the real Santa attitude

Deserves our appreciation and gratitude

Santa Aruna Varsani with her fortitude

As “Together for better” being her magnitude

Reaching out to the remote feminine of Kenya

Ensuring menstrual hygiene & health educate

The energetic form of the Santa sentiment

Comes in the form of “Amara Charitable Trust”

Smita Shah, Bindi Shah, Manisha Dave & Vasha Vora

Vasha Vora’s passion to educate and empower

Along with Smita, Manisha and Bindi’s power

Planting trees, enhancing life styles of youth

Proactively raising Kenyan child polished & couth

The unconditional love of the Santa straight

Beams from the heart of Kamal Tolia’s gait

Kamal Tolia

Together with her team of” LHSG” guys and girls

Spreading rays of healing light without any frills

Educating, planting trees and caring for the ill,

Healing hurting hearts, sharing forgiveness pills

Buzzing with freshness, negating pain & pity

The young blood of “Women’s Islamic Society”

Asma Bukhera, Zoya Adam, Irfa Chaudhary, Sanaa Asif, Shabnam Qureshy, Shruti Shah &Mehreen Adam

Bring cheer to the pained little hearts a plenty

Handing out gifts of abundance in loving unity

Asma, Zoya, Ifra, Mehreen and young Shruti

At Kenyatta Hospital’s wards with Sanaa and Qureshi

Dr.(Mrs.) Prabha Choksey

Changing lives of children & families with Albinism

Educating, providing prescription glasses as humanism

Dr. Prabha Choksey’s ambition to offload the curse

Her” Albinism Foundation” filling their empty purse

Introducing dignity and honor to the Albino child

She ensures a generation that speaks their mind

The Sikh Women’s Society sees no color, caste or creed

These Mamas habitually act as Santa for all those in need

Sikh Women’s Society, Kenya

Mandeep, Amarjit, Darshan and Sukhwinder’s combination

Gifts many young & old joyous moments of jubilation

Providing families with rations, medical aid and school fees

Conducting eye camps, counselling & paying house rents

Her caring heart wishes to see no suffering

Rani Ramchandani to Kenya is God sent offering

Rani Ramchandani

Having served over 800 PWDs with well wishers

Bettering lives of many with merciful abundance

Catering to basic needs of some Old- Age Homes

Alongside providing to school and kids homes

They are not left behind despite their simplicity

Our big hearted Mamas’ with their element of charity

Anju Mullick

Contributing to needy children in and around Nairobi

Anju, Harshada, Simmi aim to remove disparity

Donating food, clothes and warmth of blankets

Helping upgrade many a shattered shelters

Shariffa Keshavjee’s unique gift comes with a difference

She writes chirpy little tales for the young ones’

Shariffa Keshavjee

Giving time and effort to ‘Girl Guides’ an Institution

Training ladies at “Hawker’s Market Girls Centre”

Over 30 years of Joy distribution from her gown

Giving free education and ration she wins the crown

Santa Pooja Vaya’s habitual helping hand knows no end

Caring for disabled, supporting education of students off hand

Raising awareness & funds for Chinmaya University

Supporting Nyumba ya Wazee giving back to society

Voluntary Teaching Sanskrit as a social commitment

With Red Cross working at disaster management

Aruna Varsani’s Together for Better aims at bettering young lives for an empowered Kenya.

Monica Gokaldas, Grace and Kamal Tolia giving reiki healing to an orphaned Cheetah Cub at the animal orphanage

Kamal Tolia and Monica Gokaldas caring for orphaned animals

Pooja Vaya helping as a Red Cross volunteer

Pooja Vaya helping in times of distress

Aruna imparting skills to the youth of Kenya

Kamal Tolia and Harleen Gokaldas giving reiki healing to a tree

Monica Gokaldas of LHSG teaching Reiki to the visually impaired at their school in Thika Town, Kenya

Monica Gokaldas joins the well wishers of Dr. Choksey’s Albinism Foundation along with others

Monica Gokaldas handing out the rations to Sr. Anthony of Nyuma Ya Wazee by Little Sister’s of the Poor at Kasarani, Nairobi

Ladies of Sikh Women’s Society handing out rations at the School for the Visually Impaired at Thika Town, Kenya

Simmi Bodani during one of her weekly visits ensuring good food and fulfilling needs of children around Kenya

Young Islamic Women giving out gifts at children’s ward of Kenyatta Hospital.

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