Embrace Equity!

A post delayed by a day but still very valid.

Talk about Equity or Equality

Does it rub someone on the wrong shoulder?
Indeed it does, to those that care not.

What is the target?
Is it surpassing Men in what they do?
That’s the mistake many make

That’s a misconception.
Women are rated lower in most fields

So all that is targeted is …

For them to be rated at par

Not to tarnish their souls with the scar

of being labeled as incapable ….

or to be called the weaker gender.

The fact is Women have the inner strength

that Men are often deprived of.
Women must demand and command ….

All that is deserved by them .

Be not just a humble efficient gender

Be the one to be appreciated, respected and adored.
This can only happen when ….

Women appreciate, respect and adore themselves.

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