Chapters : Being Born

The Chapters of your life

Revisited down memory lane

You made an entry to the world

A tiny fragment of their being

She carried you for several months

Within herself as a precious gem

Discomforts of life forgotten all

For you were the Gem to be born

In all her heaviness, she huffed and puffed

The Morning sickness, the nausea roughed

Yet, she held on the spirit of motherhood

The first chapter thine thus began

and blossomed to end into another one

The pains, the fear bravely borne

For the star of her eyes had to come

She screamed not aloud, but silently

Remembering throughout The Almighty

You took birth at mid day that bright day

When Cricket Test Matches had their Hay Day

India had won the game the day you came

Gavaskar, Shreekant, Kapil were not so tame

Your tiny frame with feathery soft skin

She held in her arms, eyes filled to the brim

Another chapter had begun in both their lives

Your childhood gifted by her motherhood

And Motherhood to her set in by your entry

You had brought in with you challenges

A naming ceremony delayed by two months

She knew not, what else could be in store

A heart attack her father had suffered

And they said the month too wasn’t auspicious

Fragile child you behaved so cranky

Poor health that bothered and kept you lanky

Your trips to the hospital had become a norm

She prayed hard and fasted for your good form

You recovered from ailments but stayed week

She fought the world around, for your upkeep

They couldn’t afford a cradle and a cot

But you had to be kept in comfort by your lot

They borrowed, they waited for gifts to come

And sure enough, in gifts abundance came

Grandparents arrived by the airplane

With loads of goodies, gifts, toys and clothes

Along came your shining rich golden cot

That became their pride even in thought

The nappies, the napkins, the bibs from abroad

The softest fabrics and cushions were bought

For you were the Amrit, the nectar of their life

Holding their fingers you learnt to be upright

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