राखी वाला लचीला धागा

राखी वाला आया त्यौहार घर में ज्यूँ आ गई हो बहार बहन फुदकती भाई के गिर्द सजाती थाली लिए स्नेह बिंदु लाती राखी वाला लचीला धागा चन्दन टीका, कुमकुम वाला सुहागा अक्षत भी माथे पर भैया के लगाती दीप जला मन उज्जवल करती आरती रक्षक भ्राता की उतारती उसकी लम्बी आयु की कामना करती भाई … Continue reading राखी वाला लचीला धागा


intrigued by the system of observance of certain days too being auspicious and observed in a pious manner. Very aware that Iwould be hurting many a sentiment, I dare to question the existence of those special days or weeks when when must pray more than other days, one must observe certain austerities such as skipping meals / going vegetarian / abstaining indulgence in sex, alcohol or even keep tabs on desires, anger,lust,greed,hatred and violence . How and when did we ever start considering only certain periods such as Navratri, Diwali, Ramadan, Paryushan, Lent, Vaisakhi to be of higher significance than others. What wrath have other days earned that they should be ignored.?Amusingly, what is considered an auspicious occasion for a certain sect of people could simultaneously be an indulgent period for another sect.


Our human minds are conditioned from a young age to the fluctuating practice of faith. Parents teach their children to pray every day which seems a good habit. The same parents, when in crisis increase the prayers, make special offerings on their gains or their child’s success, and in adverse situation speak out loud that they even fasted or made special offerings yet they didn’t get the required results. What are the young minds being conditioned into while witnessing such so called flexibility of faith.


The Sniffer: This is a person who comes to a religious congregation with his free will, yet disinterested in the religious information being imparted. He or she is focused towards the very worldly charms. This is the person who actually observes the décor, the clothes and accessories of other attendants, his or her own presentibility, the noises from elsewhere etc. This is the person who would know by names the people who left their mobiles turned on during the discourse.