They call it poetry!

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 654 (17th March to 23rd March, 2023)to mark the World Poetry Day on 21st March

They call it poetry

By Sikiladi 

On the plain canvas of the mind

Thoughts and feelings get unwind 

Twisting, twirling sentiments find way

With puns and similes churning in sway

And they call it poetry in word play

Flowery fragments of the mind

Yearning for a rhythmic respite

Sentiments and secrets spoken out

Hidden heart sheaths shelled out

And they call it poetry spoken aloud

Unspoken though, un worded not

Some praises, admirations of one’s lot 

Find solace in tones of rhyme &  chime

Pain and pleasure with words intertwine 

And they call it poetry thine & mine

Festivals and carnivals on mind’s frame

In verses and lyrics find some game

Bringing out the joys and celebrations

And the thoughtfully penned adulations 

And they call it poetry of ululations 

Heroic deeds sung and oft felicitated 

Inspirations and craft visions  extended

Bereavement beckoned with tributes

Descriptive songs of grief and attributes 

And they call it odes & poetry in beatitudes 

2 thoughts on “They call it poetry!

  1. Call it Poetry
    Words have power as you mention
    Their ripples in many a dimension
    Release Pent up grief, and tension

    The canvas of the mind
    Relief and freedom find
    Hearts emotions unwind

    Unspoken celebration find space
    Special events are given grace
    Power of words as they lace

    So write, read and share
    Alone, in a group or pair
    Words love it, so share

    Words have gossamer wings
    So read and dance and sing
    To you and yours joy it brings

    Nature, nurture are in harmony
    When words unite in harmony
    Together melodious symphony

    Shariffa Keshavjee
    March 23

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