New Beginnings!

A new beginning tags along an end

A beginning it becomes so,

Only having followed an end

A new life comes only after an end

For the soul discards the garment of body

To drape on itself a brand new body self

A new leaf emerges on the stem

Only when a tiny nodule ends

Giving way to a new growth at its end

A new plant begins to take form

Breaking out from the seed for reform

Thus cracking it, ending it’s older form

A new chick steps into the mighty world

Destroying the very shell that protected it

Thus breaking open the old for the new

A new life begins when wings emerge

The pupa and caterpillar stage ends

Bringing in new color and hopefulness

A new structure is built and admired

Having ended on its raw stage of being

It stands erect formed by new planning

A new day comes with a rhythmic pattern

After the end of each day that was new

Declaring it as the yesterday of each day

A new week too comes as a time cycle

After the end of every gone by week

Pronouncing it as a memory, a past week

A new month on the calendar comes forth

In waiting after the end of previous month

Hence the time cycle of death and birth

A new year too comes along as fresh joy

Bidding to the past year an emotional goodbye

Leaving behind old times and moving on ahead

A Childhood too gives rise to the teen age

And then moves ahead towards active youth

Leading to adulthood, ageing and final decline

Knowing very well, what is the present today

Shall be lost to the times of the past as yesterday

We try to hold on its strings in firm grips, yet fail

Showing ignorant wisdom of our traits we behave

That all we accumulate, access and grab as garbs

Shall be superimposed by the future day and gone

A new knowledge too shall one day become stale

As fresher ideas and learning paves way on scale

Weighing out, metering each newness as pale

A new relation & action in thought and deed

A new idea that might have been so discreet

Shall all fade out and be erased with death

All newness comes from the end of the old

All old gives way to the new that’s no longer old

And we celebrate the death of each past as NEW.

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings!

  1. Happy New Year Monica

    New beginning
    Form and transform to new
    In seed, and plant bloom anew
    Promising bud gives of of new

    Every moment is ever new
    Old cells die, give birth to new
    Inhale and exhale are a new
    Fresh oxygen rejuvenate anew

    Hopes, dreams, passion is anew
    Giving direction to the very new
    Old ideas. Can transform to new
    So let us celebrate all that is new

    Happy, happy is this 2023 so new
    Pools of health happiness and new
    How blessed are we to see that new
    Rejoice, rejoice all that is for us new

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