Age is a number

It is indeed

It is also an energy that is always growing

It is not stagnant… for it moves each moment with each passing time

Age is synonymous to time…

It cannot be captured

It cannot be paused

It moves each moment

It moves each minute, each hour …

Taking us closer to yet another month or year of life

It energizes us in the early years of life

Whence the infant grows to be a toddler


Age, pushes forth the toddler phase…

Taking the child to a learning childhood

Teaching it to walk, speak, laugh, cry…

And to form sentences, count numbers….

To know the names of people, places and things

To develop taste buds, likes and dislikes

To express emotions

Then as one progresses to the age of schooling

It becomes a life full of learning

A life developing time discipline

And cultivating a haven away from home

A learning that matures one to not just being pampered

But, also to learn responsibility

With a new formed peer equality

And take pride in learning and writing…..

To forming opinions and thoughts

Age speeds up to tricky teens

And expressions become umpteen

Flaring up, going into a shell and emotional swells

Moods’ breaking into varied spells

And life moves to the age of youth

To some it is quite smooth

But, for some rowdy uncouth

Age smartens us with further responsibility

With forming a family and learning adaptability

Providing resources for own self

And taking up strings of life survival

Understanding pressures of society and younger ones

Life moves at steady pace

Charming at times

Alarming other times

And the numbers on the age chart ascending

Bringing in the realization

A birthday celebration….


In reality no celebration at all

It is bringing the life years towards a descent

Though it grows in numbers…

Age now appears to slow us down

And displays a near bald crown

Winning the rapid mover crown

Taking one akin to the toddler stage….


Walking with support

Taking careful steps to not fall

Balancing each movement

Age snatches the memory from some

It steals away some abilities …

Those That were gifted at young age

Thus completing the circle

Yet, there are those

That never seem to age

And carry on working and working out throughout

And maintain their gait and stay straight

Not getting bent is a boon

For they weren’t fed by the Golden spoon

And strived to a largesse in living

By not just receiving, but also giving

Giving the gift of time to themselves

To slow down the ageing process

They too progress with the moving age

So it is really a number game

To them, Age doth no tame

Opinions that may vary

Capabilities that may turn scary

Whatever the situation

The fact remains….

Age just simply moves on….

Holding no ground……

Unhalted, unaltered, without a pause

Age is synonymous to its friend ….



2 thoughts on “AGE!

  1. Time and age
    Friends of old age
    Reminds of a verse I know
    “ Time you old gypsy man
    Will you not stay?
    Put up your caravan just for a Day?”

    Time waits for no one it moves along
    Sometimes slowly sometimes a jog
    Age does the same so slow in youth
    Then old age time disappears alas.

    How well you took us stage by stage
    Monica keep going your words on page

    Liked by 1 person

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