Teejri 2022

The Festive Saavan month brings in various celebrations. One of these is Teej : a fasting festival observed mainly by married women.
Teej for Sindhis is marked nearly five days prior to Shri Krishna Janamashtmi .

In Nairobi this is collectively celebrated by the Sindhi women usually in a temple or at someone’s house. This year too, they met at the residence of one of the ladies’ at mid morning to give the lodo ( traditional prayer) to the Teejri Mata. They offer sweetened water, fruits etc during the prayers.

Then the ladies met again during sunset time and read the scriptures together. During the entire day they observed a fast and waited for the moon sighting before breaking the fast.

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 624 (Aug 19 – 25, 2022)
Rocking the cradle of Teejri Mata

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