The second partition!

wonder how the worship of idols is termed as being ritualistic but worship of a book is not. In my perspective it is equally ritualistic. It is sad that the world of differences is gaining strength and the way the religious intolerance is spreading. Read on for more on the second eminent partition between two factions of society.


किताबों के ढेर, ढेर सारी किताबों के ढेर। कुछ ऐसा ही दिखता था जब विमल अपनी नन्ही सी आयु में अपने पिता का किताबें जमा करने का शौक़ देखती थी। वह ढेर जिसे वह ढेर कहती थी, बहुत ही सलीक़े से बैठक की बड़ी सी कॉंच की अलमारी में सहेज कर रखीं पुस्तकें थीं । … Continue reading पहचान

Asian Scene- Sindhi Post Dinner, New Year, The Star, 23rd April

harleen jabbal

It was around 1994 that Monica Gokaldas started enquiring about other Sindhi community members and soon she found at least thirty of them. Their first gathering was in 1998 at her residence and since then they began celebrating the New Year or other prayers there.


In 2003 the Sindhi Welfare Society was formally established the Mr Prem Gidoomal was appointed Chairman. There are now about fifty Sindhi families in Kenya and they meet regularly at the Ram Mandir, Nairobi. After celebrating their New Year on 12th April, they gathered for a post celebration dinner on Saturday 20th April at the Relish Restaurant, Nairobi. It was a night of having a good time with a bigger family, the Sindhi community and enjoying delicious food and entertainment organized by Jimmy Gidwani and Lavina Gidwani.

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Thadri 2022

Thadri is a festival celebrated by the Sindhi community world over. The festival is also called Vadi Sattain by some. Some other Hindu communities celebrate the festival on the same day by various other names such as Saatam. The festival is in reverence of the Goddess of cooling known as Sheetla Mata. The Sindhis prepare … Continue reading Thadri 2022