The Divine Representatives

Published in The Asian Weekly ,Edition 556 (April 16 – 22,2021)

Planting Perfectly – Trees the Divine representatives

By Sikiladi

Tree planting is an activity that is elating for some and dirty for others, satisfying for some yet messy for others but like any other activity it is worth practicing it at least once in a lifetime. There might be different opinions about the subject and the opinion shared here is to a spiritual effect.

Planting a Tree resembles resilience and by planting them one attains the noble benefit of putting down the roots for a future growth. Hence it is an act of significant religious merit as well as preparation for the times to come.

While tree planting is considered an environmental activity and need of our times, it is also a very spiritual act as per some religions. My knowledge being based on Hindu spiritual values I share the method of tree planting here as adapted having learnt some basics from Kamal Tolia at several planting occasions through the years. Being part of the Lotus Healing Seva Group under the guidance of Kamal Tolia, the norm is to use a certain set of mantras for blessings (not necessarily mentioned here) and for forgiveness and reiki energy while planting.

1.            Keep a bottle or a utensil of water handy. Bless the water with Reiki or with prayers.

2.            Dig a hole at the chosen spot or get it dug. Look at the hole and ask “kshama” (forgiveness) from “Dharti Mata” (Mother Earth) for causing it any hurt in the process of digging out the soil.

3.            If you are the sensitive kind, your heart might want to ask forgiveness from the creatures whose habitat might have been disturbed too, so go ahead and ask” Kshama” from any “Jeevas”(living entities) .

4.            Give some positive thoughts and vibrations to the hole or simply chant some mantra for it. One may invoke the blessings of any manifestation of the supreme power one believes upon.

5.            Pour in some of the pre-blessed water into the hole. It would be nice to continue chanting the mantras or give reiki as those vibrations via the sound or thoughts would enter the hole along with the water.

6.            Take out the tree from the plastic or paper covering carefully, using bare hands and place it gently into the hole and put back the soil with your hands patting it lovingly chanting the mantras for the protection and safety of the tree.

7.            With cupped hands pour the blessed water over the tree while chanting the universal Hindu prayer of peace “Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti….Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti….Aum Shanti…”in continuation.

8.            Finally bless the tree with positive thoughts and affirmations and reiki or prayers. The affirmations you give to the tree may sound like you are talking to the tree and it helps strengthen your bond with the tree. After all, it is your baby and must give it your best wishes from the heart.

9.            The tree is planted, but your job is only half done yet.  The tree that you plant becomes your responsibility and you must ensure its upkeep by tending to it as frequently as possible. It shall require regular positive vibes and energy from you. It is important to do the timely checks, water it, and monitor its growth and safety (from dryness/damages/infestation), give it reiki or prayers.

It is said “One needs to look after a tree one plants till the tree is fully grown to one’s own height”. Many wise ones advise that the tree one plants is like one’s baby and must be cared for and rightly so must one look after it as one’s baby. I strongly believe the trees are unique creations of The Almighty – they can be your babies yet your parents for they nurture living beings as a parent would – in various ways which are well known to all of us. They are Divine representatives that incessantly consume themselves on multiple fronts to ensure, all beings survive and remain healthy.

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