Ultimate Philanthropists

Published in The Asian Weekly

The Ultimate Philanthropists

By Sikiladi

Divine representatives among us all

Getting consumed on multiple fronts

By all beings on this Mother Earth

Ensuring our survival and good health

Divine incarnations of The Supreme

Providing Fresh air for us to breathe

Feeding all beings on the life cycle

Providing shelter & habitats as goodwill

Divine entities they are the Brahman

Consciousness vibrant yet silent

They speak no words, yet they hear

They feel our joy & sorrow sentiments

Divine parents to all on this planet

Being keepers, carers and self-aware

 Ultimate Philanthropists of the world

Giving off themselves forever humbled

Divinity beckons the humans to a trait

By planting these angels of Mother Earth

Enrich her bosom with caring return gifts

Put down roots for a rich future growth

Planting Trees an act of worthy significance

Hands that get soiled earn merit abundance

The tiny tree planted shall be God incarnate

Creating Divine blessings as an advantage

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Philanthropists

  1. Divine mother earth
    Oh pachamama earth
    Thank you for this moist earth
    Te nutrients for giving birth

    Allowing us to plan into your womb
    Seeds you protect, nurture entomb
    Only to give back to us fully fledged
    Shoots, tender leaves and ah the tree

    The tree that gives umbrage and air
    Treasures to share with insects birds
    What roots you intertwine oh divine
    We thank you for these gifts divine
    Thank you Monica for sharing

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