A New Leaf

A New Leaf

Impatience and imperfections haunted me 

Leaving me restless and frustrated 

My angry self, unsatisfied drooled

Over the failures with intolerant punctuations 

What had I done to my life? 

Where did I lose my direction? 

Waking up in the post sunrise hours

I had lethargy written all over me 

The phone was on zero charge

It had to be connected to a power source

For, I had to rely upon this tool

That connected the world with me, the fool.

I turned on the TV to kill my boredom 

Oh no! It started playing on spiritual channel

And as I grabbed the remote once again 

To flip the channel to music beats

I saw this gentle looking woman

She spoke with a composed tone, so soft

Yet, she appeared firm in her conviction 

Was she a saint? Was she a fake? I wondered…

I thought she was too young to be giving a discourse

Enchanted by her way of speech 

I decided to hear her out for once

And the turning point had entered life

She spoke about my frustrations, I felt 

Her discourse was targeted at my lifestyle

She had sensed my failures, I felt

She mocked my laziness knowingly 

She rebuked my incompetence very kindly

She spoke not a word that could be bad

For She was an epitome of calmness clad

With her around, no soul could stay sad

Her magical words gave me hope 

I felt my life too had bigger scope

Her benevolence enlightened my mind

I altered my ways to a peaceful kind

I found my source of power for my self

I learnt to charge myself with my prayer

And dropped the anger unknowingly somewhere

For she had entered my life as my Guru

I learnt to walk my life with her teachings

And witnessed praise instead of glares 

The newfound calm and composure

Enriched my persona for sure

Satguru Mataji had entered my life 

To uplift my soul and give it a jive

I reflect her composed mannerism, I felt

A focused mind, body and soul, I felt

For not to hate a single being ,she said

And advocated life’s simplistic traits

Progress, punctuality and pardon is a plus

When agitations bid adieu with a stillness

A leaf of life has turned afresh and green

Dissolving the unattractive paleness 

Picking strands of my own yarn

Untangling the knots of worries 

I learnt to weave a composed darn 

My garment is same yet smells fresh

For the soul within is disturbed less

The sangats and Guru charcha 

Nirankar has blessed in abundance 

The peace and understanding that follows

Having the company of evolved minds

Helping me evolve from one phase to another

Irritations replaced by calmness and balance

Despairs and dejection dissolved by hopefulness

Hatred erased by the chalk of love for all

Respecting the elders and younger ones at par

For each one is a form of Nirankar in sakaar

The gratitude filled my heart complimented by acceptance 

Nothing shakes my emotions, be it pleasure or pain

The newfound composure like a new leaf

Taught me to unlearn the unwanted belief

I live with conviction , with a big grace

TuHi, Tu Hi sentiment reads all over my face.


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