World Radio Day। विश्व रेडियो दिवस

World Radio Day!
Having grown up to the times
When radio was the greatest entertainment
Be it the news, the happenings!
Be it the cricket commentaries!
Be it the wartime security alerts and warnings!
Be it the election results updates!
The ears were glued!
The food was cooked while radio was on!
The clothes were ironed with the radio switched on!
The program schedules were in mind’s memory!
The radio anchors were the secret heroes that we never met!
The discussions were less but music ruled!
The old, the new, and the classical tunes!
All formed a blended in conjugation!
The television was a concept albeit alien!
The airwaves on different waves ruled the scene!
And now we have the radio with a twisted role!
You don’t sit in a room to listen to the score!
It’s there no longer just a bulky big box!
The radio has come forth in your pocket!
As mobile as you could be, and available at any hour!
No longer restricted to your zone on the Earth!
So accessible that Parveen Adam and Abhijeet Gupta can be heard on a different continent!
The radio has crossed all barriers and turned visual too!
Thanks to the creation and it’s advancement!

2 thoughts on “World Radio Day। विश्व रेडियो दिवस

  1. Our Own RJ / VJ.

    From: Sikiladi
    Reply-To: Sikiladi
    Date: Saturday, 13 February 2021 at 16:52
    To: Manohar Punjabi Dubai
    Subject: [New post] World Radio Day

    Sikiladi posted: ” World Radio Day!Having grown up to the timesWhen radio was the greatest entertainmentBe it the news, the happenings!Be it the cricket commentaries!Be it the wartime security alerts and warnings!Be it the election results updates!The ears were glued!T”

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