She is my role model!

role model poem TAW
Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 496 (March 06 – 12th) 2020

She rules the world, without shedding blood

Petite and feminine, Power of the world

marie curie
Marie Curie, physicist and Chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity.

She is my role model

Marie Curie brought out the firsts

Discovered elements Radium and Polonium

First ever woman Nobel Prize winner

A Physicist and a chemist role runner

Introduced portable x-ray to surgical needs

By giving all her weaknesses big defeats

Pioneered radioactivity research as her feats

juliette gordon low
Juliette Gordon Low was the Founder of Girl Guides in USA

She is my role model

Juliette Gordon created a pathway

For Girl scouts around the world

Promoting Social welfare for women

Encouraging outdoor activity as good omen

She inspired many a women around the world

Nurturing a great movement to the female sound

Fostering individual growth of women all around

amelia earhart
American aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhart became the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

She is my role model

Amelia Earhart, a female trailblazer

First women to fly solo across Atlantic

The feminist icon had passion for adventure

Setting series of records, grouping pilot’s feminine

Penning down to share through her books

edith cowan
Edith Dircksey Cowan, OBE, was an Australian social reformer who worked for the rights and welfare of women and children

She is my role model

Edith Cowan the fierce personality

Australia’s first female parliamentarian

Women’s rights activist in her individuality

Founding the Children’s court as social reform

Justice of the Peace being her credit as a Magistrate

Brought down women’s suffrage with prominence

Advocated Public Education for children of grievance

Arunima Sinha
Arunima Sinha, First Female Indian amputee to climb Mt. Everest

She is my role model

Arunima Sinha shrugged the victim mode

With her enthusiasm and steadfast code

The first female amputee to cross the hurdles

She braved the odds and climbed Mt. Everest

Not sitting back to brood and sulk in pain

She climbed yet again Antarctica’s highest peak

Mt. Vinson that gives jitters to   climbers freak

rosa parks
Resistance set in motion by Rosa Parks gave rise to the one of the biggest socialist movement in History

She is my role model

Rosa Parks created a stir movement

She refused to give her seat on the bus ride

For gender bias or racism had hurt her pride

Raising awareness to African Americans Civil Rights

White skin or male gender were no superior

Those traits are outwardly, not your interior

She inspired the fight in Alabama to African delight

Surekha Yadav, the first female train driver of India

She is my role model

Surekha Yadav feared nothing in a Man’s world

First female passenger train driver of India in 1988

This less known woman of great gut and dare

Not cowed by challenges, not victim to any scare

Drove “Deccan Queen” on tough topography and terrain

Asia’s first female locopilot to cross the rugged grain

She maneuvered the first all-female passenger train.

Maya Angelou, Civil rights activist, poet, award winning author is an inspiration to men and women alike

She is my role model

Maya Angelou rules minds with her words

Once a victim of trauma and self-quietude

Her muted voice spoke through inked solace

Overcoming racism & trauma through love of life

Her character strength made the “Caged bird sing”

Giving rise to Civil rights movement her books

Caused shivers to the sinners and racist crooks

2 thoughts on “She is my role model!

  1. Ah Monica
    Women I did not know
    Have now come to know
    Thank you for selecting
    Your models and sharing

    You are one of a kind
    A role model so kind
    You have stirred my heart
    Helped when I fall apart

    Your strength helps me dare
    You show by how you dare
    Quietly calmly, no race
    With such cheerful grace

    Liked by 1 person

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