The Number One Man

father hands

It takes someone really special

To be that Man incomparable


He eases the burdens of his loved ones

Solves it away when a problem comes


He takes pride in making his baby into a woman

Expects his son to be strong and as good a man


A Hero, a chauffeur, a friend and a guardian

A listener, a life mentor with financial acumen


The majestic superman, her oracle hero

A daughter’s permanent armor and superhero


The most ordinary man turned by love is Dad

An adventurer, story teller and at times little bad


He is equal to one’s hundred school masters

He teaches you the life’s toughest chapters


He teaches so gently inspiring children deeply

His charisma no words can describe accurately


One looks up to Dad no matter how old one grows

Loves completely, gives quietly, corrects one’s flaws


She feels like a princess not because she found a Prince

She feels royally pampered for her Father is like a King   


holding hands


His love is silent and he says not that He loves you

Through his unconditional support he does show you


Mother gives you the drive but father gives dreams

The older you get the smarter your father seems


The  huge heart of father is nature’s masterpiece

The most potent moral force behind your achieves


He is that dear friend that you can always trust

Your welfare is his target, caring being a must


A fleeting memory of a Dad’s precious smile

Enough to lighten up darkest days in a while


Always sacrificing his needs for children’s’ needs

Even when low on money fulfills greed and feeds


A Son’s first Hero and a daughter’s first love

Makes you feel cocooned like a hand in glove


His tears and fears unseen and love unexpressed

His care and protection, a pillar of strength best


He doesn’t tell you how to live your life

He lives and lets you watch him do it right


Dad can play like a kid, advice like a friend

Protect like a bodyguard and hold your hand


An anchor to hold you back, a sail to take you through

He is the guiding light of way that shows the way


You become what your father teaches you

The Number One Man he is just for you


Picture Credits : Google Images


Published in The Asian Weekly





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