Being Sindhi (1)

Lord Jhulelal

Wonder what happened

The sanskaras went into hiding

A proud Sindhi I am for sure

In this world strangely obscure

Some traditions became so by practice

As culture was passed on to the offspring

Why then are we risking that rich culture?

Following varied cultures, forget not yours

Live through your own language, forget it not.



Youngsters met elders with respect

Touched their feet for blessings prospect

RadheShyam, Radhasoami or Hari Om

Godly greetings of choice welcomed home

The hello’s and hi’s were foreign words

The Hi five’s were no culture  then

Folded hands in greetings and a palm on head

Were the very acceptable respect forms.



Whence came a new fruit of season

It was bought only at affordable cost

Washed and placed on Puja altar henceforth

The offering was first made to the Lord

Then a portion given in charity or to the Brahman

The elders always considered a Devi form

And showered offerings to the little girl

Calling her the Nyanri who equaled none

And considered her above Hundred Brahmans

Whence a sweetmeat entered the house

Being sent by the in law of one’s offspring

They distributed portions to loved ones

Having offered the first piece at the altar

Given to the Brahmin child in a sequence

And shared with relatives and close friends

Remembering the ancestors theirs as well

Dedicated a portion and gave out alms

Greed of hoarding and over eating there was none

In the form of food their love was spread

And they ensured each member was fed and glad


The day the business happened to be good

And sales surpassed the limit it could

They gave some extras to their workers

And stayed not selfish like today’s youngsters

The women of the household made some prasad

Expressed gratitude to Guru Baba and did Ardaas

This was the ritual when a child had passed exams

Or if there was a birthday in the house

The daughters of the family came to visit

The whole household would get excited

She was never selfishly the daughter of One

Yet she was considered the daughter of each One

Blessings poured out from their hearts

Giving gifts and tokens such gimmicks didn’t rule the charts

Love was measured by caring for each one alike

Yet the daughters considered a bit more God-like



Celebration and worship of celestial stars as Gods

For our elders had learnt to value Nature’s big dots

The sun, moon, the snakes and the sacred cows

All Nature’s blessings are respected with humble bows

Offerings made to the Nature in worship form

A way of thanking their being in this worldly form

Feeding the ants, the crows teaching us to respect life

Treat creatures all akin to the worshipped form of life

Fasting for gyaras, Ganesh chauth and Satnarain

Cleansing the system, encouraging conservation

For a Sindhi a fast meant being more prayerful

There not be indulgence of things leading to distraction.


New clothes though a passion of Sindhi women

Were a pleasant site and not a cut throat competition

Why then have we changed to display our abundance

True wealth is seen in richness of being charitable

Seeking joy and happiness in unity and togetherness

Was once our fortitude having no space for selfishness

I am proud of the lineage full of heartfelt compassion

That built schools, hospitals and many such construction

The world is enriched by the generosity of our forefathers

O Sindhi awaken yourself and let’s work in Unison.



11 thoughts on “Being Sindhi (1)

  1. as one poet,to another, Monica’s,sentiments,her poetic expressions are,emanations of her sincere desire to contribute to the,psyche,of every Sindhi Hindu ( Sindhus) ..
    Salutations to her for this exquisite poem or “the song of the Sindhu”””!!!!!
    God bless,and, looking forward for her input in the,International Sindhi Council ( in the,making)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A Big Salute to you, for such an Exquisite poem…loved the way you have expressed….best Tribute to our Sindhu Culture…
    Stay blessed Rita Di

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very nice poem. It captures the true essence of Sindhi culture…living with simplicity and dignity. Excellent work.

    Please improvise it with some reference to our marriage rituals like when groom’s old cloths are torn and then he begs to his friends and relatives and start a new life. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You for appreciating the poem. Noted on your request. That shall be done in the second part titled Being Sindhi 2. Please throw the ideas and I shall try to reach out.


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