Daddy, I miss you!

You framed me as a reflection

A smaller version of you in thought

Educated me, nurtured me,….

taught me the values of life


You showed me the path through the dark

Your guidance became my bright spark


Pampered me to no end…..

My wishes became yours to fulfill

The bangles and dresses through my childhood

The dolls from your visits to parts of the world

That special school shoe from London

That embroidered lace for my Lehnga

The parcels of snacky short eats in tiffins….

that you hand carried through the airlines….

during your travels many


All these are now fond memories of those days

When Daddy you were around with us

All this mattered but you mattered more

Your being was a protective sheath around

The big bear hug that only you could give

It gave much solace that warm embrace

It connected me with my earthly root

And now I still miss that hug, that connection

father daughter

Years have passed since you have left

The loneliness and grief turned into strength

Yet, I miss you each single day even today

My soul searches for the messages in the air

probably you came to say something someday

In an invisible form you touched me on my head

And I get the fragrance of your perfume in my nose

I find you in my siblings when they meet

Daddy I miss you each day even today.



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