moon shapes

The slim curve that shines immature low

Hiding its indefinite immense vast glow

Appears the crescent form so pleasing

After the long dark night gone appeasing

The night that this new moon brings afore

Followed by the monthly Amavasya before

Where it forsakes the vast blues above its skirt

Being Symbolic of a death that is followed by a birth.

new moon


The calm and quiet of the loud sky magnificent

At times heard, at times unheard so silent

The musical notes that it doth inspire

Cause many a musicians to perspire

Then as it grows to a crescent bigger

The fourth night of its shimmery glow

Observed as Chaturthi of the ascension

Of the periodic Shukla paksha of the month


moon blue

Progressing to its ritualistic growing volume

The crescent moves from an arc ahead to bloom

And the curve defines its new structure profound

As it appears to become a perfect shape round

Playing hide and seek with clouds all around

The vast sky becoming its large football ground

The full moon stands bright in its mighty glory

The Purnima of this saintly Chandrama is holy.



Celebration begins with this perfect sphere

Of the shape that on earth we see from here

The perfection of this adorable Hero among stars

That sets our nights bright beyond twinkling stars

The Hindu faithful all gather in groups to worship

They pray to the glories of the Moon’s Lordship

Satya Narain prayers are hence conducted

Significantly his holy-ness in our lives connected


raksha bandhan

The Full moon of the holy month of shravan

Comes with a unique sibling love celebration

It encourages brothers and sisters to exchange

Vows and commitments held together by a thread

A mere thread that provides a trust of protection

A sweet fed by the sisters to brothers’ satisfaction

The Bhaiya is honored with kumkum & rice oblation

The Behna is revered with a hug and gift presentation

Adorable is this bond filled Raksha Bandhan jollification


sssssharad purnima 2

The spherical appearance of the moon’s full form

Doth shine to a golden bright aura filled charm

The day being a special one in Hindu calendar

 Ashwin month comes with Sharad Purnima jubilation

Pots full of sweetened rice puddings in veneration

Under the moonlight cooling without fermentation

Raas Garbha performed on this Harvest Festival

A love filled day of Radha Krishna conjugation.

guru purnima


Whence it brings alongside the Guru Purnima

A day to honour the Guru by paying salutations

The full moon of Hindu Lunar month of Ashadha 

Paying obeisance to the dispeller of darkness

The day marking the first sermon of Gautama Buddha

It’s called Vyas Purnima in respect of the holy sage

Veda Vyasa: the author and a character of Mahabharata.

holi 2

The last month entered in the Hindu calendar Holy

This twelfth month Phalgun comes with festivity so jolly

On the Purnima or the emergence of the moon full

A spark of colour is added to the life that was dull

Bhakt Prahalad remembered along with his aunt Holika

Historical scene created by setting ablaze symbolic Holika

Triumph of truthful spirituality over the evil notions

The Holi Festival brings merriment with playful emotions

new year combined

The new moon of Chaitra Month of Hindu affiliation

Ushering in the New Year of Vikram Samvat recognition

That which comes along with Spring Navratri solemnization

The Nine days and nights of religious celibate dedication

The fasting for nine forms of Goddess in unique unison

Followed fervently by Ram Navami on the ninth day finalization

Of the first bright half of this month that we pray in glorification

Celebrating the Birth Anniversary of reverent Lord Rama

The seventh incarnation of the creator Vishnu Bhagwan


hanuman jayanti

A fortnight post the Chaitra Hindu New Year observation

Comes the Full moon with yet another Hindu felicitation

Hanuman Jayanti conducted with the Chalisa rendition

A day of worship of the orange reddish God’s memorialization

Praying to the Ramayana’s Vanara Bhagwan’s characterization

This monkey God is symbolic of Lord’s reflection and reveration

In our lives we aspire such humble purity in dedication

That each breath we breathe in Divine gratification.


hindu calender

The moon half or full or even a crescent or absent

Playing a vital role in Hindu Religious sentiment

Moments of reverence and festive observance

In tandem to the days and shapes of lunar emergence

This bright night star on the astronomical chart

Influences many a decisions as it appears in parts

Worshipped as a Devata or God incarnation apart

The lunar role is significant in my religion smart.


ugadi 1

Photo  credits: GoogleImages


Published in the Shri  Sanatan Dharma Sabha Temple, Nairobi ‘s Centenary Year Celebration: Coffee Table Book.






6 thoughts on “THE LUNAR HINDUISM

  1. I love the moon analogy. The waxing and waning of the moon. The cycle of the moon as it brings various festivals.
    Festivals that remind us to be in tune with the elements and Mother Earth.
    Rituals with deeper meaning. Thank you for the insight Monica.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. First of, very beautiful rendering. Kudos!
    Also, may be you would like the way moon is described in soundarya lahari and Lalita sahasra nama.
    To add few interesting points, moons revolutions influence woman’s period (hence 28 days). 14 + 14 also symbolise the manvantaras (14 during brahma day and 14 during Brahma night). Moon comes from root ‘mann’ (Manas) hence it controls our mind: ‘chandrama manasa… Jataschakshoo…..’ as Purusha sokta says… Moon also is Lord for Pitrus and sun is Lord of devas. Hence ramayan has chandra vamsa and surya vamsa…. Many more…

    These would add additional beauty to your epic poem!


    1. Thank you for this valuable input. I also agree to the information you have shared.
      Since this poem is already published in the souvenir book, I will pen down another one using your ideas very soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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