The Old Age

Looks forlorn and those eyes dreamless
Staring at the unending life’s vastness
Of the immense sky or maybe the space.
The hollowness reflects from their hidden grace.
The old age like a rude shock but inevitable occurrence,
turning a once strong person at mercy of dependence.

Oozing out into your dream filled expectant eyes,
They seem to question a reason to thy happiness.
Surprised are they at your bountiful chirpiness
For they have long forgotten it all in nobility,
To the cruelties of age, poverty or inability.

Sitting in the lawn with unappreciative surround
Of the various shades of green that bound around
Reflecting their vacant thoughts of
God knows what within the mind frame.
Their pain, their agony of sullen loneliness
In this ripe age of less mobility and solitude.

No gossipy tales and no conversation,
Minds vacant and hurts in exaggeration.
A few square meals to kill The boredom
and hungers adaptability to toothless subjugation.
Agility low and highly fragile physical taking,
The two wheels in chair now do their walking.

Responding to a rare visitor with rations,
albeit disinterested or taking precautions,
Of not getting bonded that brings them hurt,
When their own discard them like an old shirt.
The elderly at that home for the aged in Nairobi,
Similar in thought and attitude like any other city.

Relying solely upon their caregivers and routine chart,
Annoyed as well as pleased in the deep corner of the heart.
The grief that long stopped spillage, sharing and shedding,
The comfort zone merely is the lone window and bedding.
The lonesome, forlorn, dreamless and desire less days,
Await the dark messenger of death to stir up the gloom.



Poem of the Month for February : Published in The Asian Weekly, edition 336 (JAN 27 – FEB 02, 2017)



One thought on “The Old Age

  1. Monica I say old age is not welcome
    Yet here it is at my feet
    Tagore says on and on I stare into the past,same age old pain
    So words to delight this ever creeping age
    We say thank you be inspired
    Write on for words touch the heart
    Be you young or old

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